• Arrow keys
  • X to select
  • Z to cancel
  • Check out the help screen in-game for more instructions if you get stuck - but try without!

Gamepads are also supported. If it doesn't work try with a different browser (and let me know!). Button mappings are classic JRPG, with Nintendo A for confirm and B for cancel.

Figure out how to defeat the wave of enemies in a JRPG style battle.

You find yourself in an endless JRPG battle. How quick can you work the battle menus?

A few unexpected twists will keep you sharp and alert.


This is my Compo submission for Ludum Dare 51. Theme: Every 10 Seconds.

Software used:

  • Godot 3.5.1
  • Reaper for music creation
  • JFXR for sounds
  • Aseprite for all the pixel art
  • Krita for non-pixel art and image editing
  • Font is m5x7 by managore

Source code available over at my Gitlab page.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Harsh criticism is welcome.


Ludum Dare 51 - Linux 21 MB
Version ld51 Oct 03, 2022
Ludum Dare 51 - Windows 20 MB
Version ld51 Oct 03, 2022

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