Geometry Cheat

Everything is explained in the in-game tutorial. Read on only if you're bored.

This is my submission for the Major Jam 4 - Theme: Cosmic

To be fair, my game hasn't got much to do with cosmic at all :) But I did try to work with the limitation that the jam proposed: The player must Cheat.


This is a typical side-scrolling platformer where all you do is press JUMP. But with a twist: to get through certain barriers you need to cheat. Inspired by the good old games of days past, you literally have to type in a cheat code when prompted and you'll gain a temporary superpower. That's either a SUPERJUMP or a MEGADRILL. With the superjump you are to just jump over the otherwise insurmountable wall, and with the drill you just bash through it. But take care not to jump with the drill or you'll impale the floor and get stuck there. Nobody's coming to rescue you.


The game was made in Godot 3.3.2 on Linux. Art was made with Aseprite. I didn't have time to add any audio unfortunately, and there are only three levels despite having planned to do more. But that is the gamejam. I do plan on reviewing and cleaning up a few things post-jam, adding sounds and a couple more levels. I do quite like the mechanic I ended up with and I'll see if I can get anything more out of it. Feel free to comment with any feedback if you like. Harsh criticism welcome.

UPDATE: Version 1.1.3 has some post-jam bugfixes. The original Major Jam 4 build will remain available for historicity.

The source code is available over at Gitlab.


Geometry Cheat 1.1.3 - Linux 14 MB
Geometry Cheat 1.1.3 - Windows 13 MB
Major Jam 4 Version - Linux 14 MB
Major Jam 4 Version - Windows 13 MB

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