Welcome to the Astral Planes, traveller!

In here you will only need the arrow keys.

And the ENTER key apparently.

You will have to cross scary bridges across the nothingness.

And... not sure what is going on in the ending really!

This is my entry for Ludum Dare 48 (Compo) - Theme: Deeper and deeper

This game was made in 48 hours as part of the Ludum Dare 48 game jam. All code and assets were created by me during the jam.

I'm honestly quite happy with this jam result! I'd consider this more or less complete, though I didn't get to add the sound effects. I'm not well versed in 2d art just yet but I enjoyed playing around with Aseprite and Krita. The game is made in Godot 3.3. You can find the whole Godot project in the downloads.

Please enjoy this short game of mine! If you don't have anything better to do you can try to get all three endings. The bad ending route can be VERY quick :)

See y’all in the comments!

UPDATE: Version 1.1 features a bunch of improvements over the final jam version, mostly addressing some of the common criticism that transpired through the feedback from the good folks over at Ludum Dare. Thanks!

For historical reasons the LD48 jam builds and source code will keep being available in the downloads section. The HTML version playable above has now been updated to the post-jam improved version (v1.1).

The source code is available over at Gitlab


Astral Descension 1.1 - Linux 15 MB
Astral Descension 1.1 - Windows 15 MB
LD48 Jam Version - Linux 16 MB
LD48 Jam Version - Windows 15 MB
LD48 Jam Version - Godot Project 2 MB


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Ran into a bug when loading a level where the player didn't spawn. Great game though !

Thanks friend!!